BLING THIS - Everyone needs a little "SPARKLE" in their life!
This section contains photo's of BlingThis custom customer orders. 
Each item was brought to us by the customer to Bling
Price varies depending on how much Bling you want on a particular item!  Ranges from $10.00 and up
EVENT Shirts
Don't just wear that plain t-shirt to your event.
Bling it up a little. 
This was a t-shirt I added Bling to for a customer. 
This was a VERY special order for the VNA girls! 
These adorable t-shirt were a special order for a
very special set of twins!  T-shirts made for a set of twins!
This lamp was hand decorated for a
very special little girls room! 
These Hello Kitty T-Shirts were purchased by a customer that requested I add Bling to make them extra special! 
These gym shoes and sandals were brought to me to Bling! 
They came out ADORABLE!
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